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HappyApp provides fast, simple and non-intrusive daily wellbeing insight and actionable alerting.


HappyApp mobile and desktop apps are designed for quick and simple use.
Staff record how they are feeling each working day, generally at the start of their shift and receive follow-up messages according to your settings.
Simple to use
Automatic reminders
Enterprise ready
Customisable messages
Contact preferences
App integrations

Available on Android, iOS & Windows

HappyApp is available to record wherever you are through the Android and iOS mobile apps, whilst the Windows desktop app provides convenient use from an office PC or laptop.

How it works

1. Create a subscription
Create a subscription to hold all your data. A range of features and pricing options are available, including a free plan to get you started.
2. Add your staff
Add the staff who will record their wellbeing, as well as those who will monitor the data. Bulk import lets you quickly add many users in one go.
3. Record daily wellbeing
Let wellbeing users use the app. Configurable reminders will prompt users to respond each working day to increase response rates.
4. Monitor trends & take action
See wellbeing data as it comes in, slice & dice with dynamic groups, draw insight and take action.

Wellbeing data at the speed of light

Data captured by wellbeing users is available in real-time so you get a clear picture of your organisation whenever you need it.
Enterprise Ready
Configurable dashboard, corporate branding and group policies allow you to run your wellbeing programme the way you want it.
Dynamic groups
Powerful group management allows you to organise staff into custom groups to gauge and compare happiness on organisation factors across time.
Since the app was introduced, the number of colleagues who record being unhappy or very unhappy has fallen from 8% to just over 1%, and the scheme has won a Utility Week Award and a Water Industry Achievement Award for its impact
Head of HR Services and Mental Health First Aider
Lanes Group Plc (UK Utilities)

HappyApp scales with your business

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